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As a photographer I was happy to hear Silvia’s story. Amidst the picturesque villages, stunning coastal views, and warm Italian hospitality, Missis Nelson realized that the ultimate gift she could give herself was a collection of golden hour photos capturing her joy, beauty, and the romance of this incredible destination.

A modest gift

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Silvia Nelson

April 2022

For Missis Nelson, these golden hour photos are more than just a gift to herself – they are a testament to her love for life, her adventurous spirit, and her deep appreciation for the beauty and romance of Italy. As she looks back on these images in the years to come, she will always remember the magical feeling of celebrating her birthday on the Amalfi Coast, surrounded by the warmth of the golden hour light and the love she has for herself and this unforgettable destination.

I think Missis Nelson’s story serves as an inspiration to us all, reminding us that sometimes the greatest gifts we can give ourselves are the experiences and memories we create in the most beautiful and romantic places on Earth. And for Silvia, there was no better place to celebrate her birthday and create these lasting memories than on the enchanting Amalfi Coast, bathed in the magical light of the golden hour.

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