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The Amalfi Coast has always had a magnetic allure, drawing in both locals and wanderers from afar with its breathtaking beauty. This August morning, as the first rays of the sun painted the skies, Atrani bore witness to a special moment – a meeting of art and ambition.

It was 7 am, just moments after the sun had announced a new day. The world was still, save for the rhythmic lull of the waves and the soft click of a camera capturing moments destined to be eternal. I, Gregory Day, have been fortunate to call the Amalfi Coast home and have dedicated my craft to capturing its essence through my lens. This morning, however, wasn’t just about the scenic beauty of Atrani. It was about Ayuna.

...Her morning elegance

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Fashion model

August 2023

Ayuna, with her boundless spirit and dreams in her eyes, approached me to expand her photo portfolio. As a model eager to venture into newer horizons, she embodied the fresh energy that mirrors the awakening of a new day. Our collaboration was seamless. With each frame, we explored different facets of Ayuna’s persona, blending them with the serene backdrop of Atrani.

We experimented – with outfits that ranged from casual to elegant, with lenses that gave varied perspectives, and with angles that showcased both Ayuna and Atrani in their best light. In the span of a fleeting hour, magic unfurled. Out of the many shots, 50 stood out – each telling its own story, each a testament to the symbiosis of the model, the location, and the photographer.

What started as a professional photoshoot soon transformed into a journey of discovery. As the sun climbed higher, Ayuna’s confidence shone brighter, and the pictures resonated with her spirit.

To the onlooker, it might seem like a regular photoshoot, but for Ayuna and me, it was a memoir – one that would remind us of that beautiful August morning in Atrani when dreams were captured, one snap at a time.

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