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Ferries and buses and other local public transport.

SITA bus Amalfi Coast

Files was updated  17 April 2023 

The Amalfi Coast is a stunning stretch of coastline in Southern Italy, famous for its colorful villages, lush hillsides, and picturesque beaches. To truly appreciate the beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage Site, using public transport is a must. In this guide, we provide you with the most current timetables for buses, ferries, and trains, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey along the Amalfi Coast.

All bus timetables of Amalfi coast

The Amalfi-Salerno line offers approximately 13 trips daily, starting from sunrise at 5:15 AM and running until 9:00 PM. In the opposite direction, the final bus departs for Amalfi at 9:30 PM.

Buses from Amalfi to Naples depart at dawn, approximately 6:00 AM. From Amalfi, buses to Ravello and Scala run between 6:00 AM and 9:00 AM.”

Buses in Amalfi Coast

Buses are convenient option for getting around the Amalfi Coast. The SITA bus company operates regular bus services between the major towns, including Amalfi, Positano, and Sorrento. The buses are modern, air-conditioned, and provide a comfortable way to get around. They offer a cheap and efficient way to get to the towns along the coast, and they are a great alternative to ferries, especially if you want to explore the area’s stunning hills and mountains.


Amalfi → Atrani → Minori → Maiori → Cetara → Vietri sul Mare → Salerno


Scala → Minuta → San Pietro → Sambuco → Ravello → Pontone → Ravello → Amalfi


Amalfi → Conca → Furore → Agerola → Pimonte → Gragnano → Castellammare → Napoli


Amalfi → Atrani → Minori → Maiori → Cetara → Vietri Sul Mare → Cava de’ Tirreni → Nocera → Napoli


Maiori → Tramonti → Corbara → San Egidio → Pagani → Nocera → Cava de’ Tirreni → Salerno




Amalfi → Conca → Praiano → Positano → Colli San Pietro → Meta → San Agnello → Colli Fontanelle → Sant’ Agata → Priora → Sorrento → Piano di Sorrento

How to buy bus tickets in Amalfi Coast

Bus tickets can be purchased in advance at either the newsstand in the train station or at any Tabacchi (shops with a letter “T” sign).

It is important to validate your ticket upon boarding the bus. For those who have an electronic ticket, activation is required through the associated app prior to the trip.

Recetly we have the app to buy tickets. Keep in mind that you need to activate your ticket after you buy it.

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Sea Ferries Timetable

Files was updated  1 May 2023

There are several ferry companies offering services along the Amalfi Coast, connecting major towns like Positano, Amalfi, and Salerno.

All ferries to Amalfi from most popular towns

The most convenient mode of transportation for traveling between towns along the Amalfi Coast is by ferry. The ferry routes operate from April to October and connect all the coastal towns. In addition to linking Amalfi and Positano, there are also ferry services to Capri and Sorrento. However, it is important to note that ferry operations may be temporarily suspended during rough sea conditions.


Salerno → CetaraMaiori → Minori → Vietri sul Mare  → Amalfi



Napoli → Positano → Amalfi
Amalfi → Napoli


Ferries in Amalfi Coast

Ferries are a popular way to get around the Amalfi Coast, providing scenic views and a convenient mode of transportation. There are several companies that operate ferries between the various coastal towns, and they run regularly throughout the day. The ferries are an excellent way to see the coast from the water, and they provide a direct link between the towns of Amalfi, Positano, Sorrento, and Naples.

In conclusion

Getting to Amalfi from other parts of Italy

If you’re traveling to the Amalfi Coast from another part of Italy, the easiest way to get there is by taking a train to Salerno and then either taking a bus or ferry to Amalfi. There are direct trains from Rome to Salerno, which take around 2 hours, and from there, you can easily reach Amalfi by bus or ferry.

Shuttle from airport

Direct shuttle services from Naples Airport to Amalfi are available only from April to October. You can reserve your seat on the shuttle at pintourbus.com


Taxi to Amalfi from Airport cost about 180€ from Salerno to Amalfi about 100€ . You can book a taxi at radiotaxisalerno.it