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Coastal Cruising

A scoot-tastic photo adventure

To really get the full Amalfi Coast experience, you gotta be a seasoned local ninja who can zip around the area like it’s nobody’s business! And if you wanna snap some breathtaking pics, be ready to lug around some serious gear and know how to use it like a pro. Oh, and let’s not forget about the of retouching those photos…

Creating unforgettable memories, one tour at a time

Gregory DayAmalfi Coast Enthusiast & Founder, Amalfi.day
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Who this experience is perfect for


Easy-going explorers

For those who are relaxed and have free time and are interested in discovering the treasures of the Amalfi Coast.

Bloggers and Influencers

This experience is perfect for bloggers and influencers who are seeking to create a photo archive showcasing the stunning beauty of the coast.

Fashion Models

Fashion models who want to flaunt clothing or jewelry brands under the beautiful golden sun of Amalfi will find this experience perfect.

Professional Photographers

Professional photographers who want to capture stunning shots of the coast during the golden hour will find this experience perfect.

Aspiring Online Sellers

For those who aspire to sell their photos online, whether stock or printed, this experience will provide them with a gorgeous portfolio of shots to showcase.

Experienced Amalfi Coast visitors

For those who have already visited parts of the Amalfi Coast and are looking to explore new areas and discover even more hidden gems.

Coastal Villages Tour

Valley Villages Tour

Let’s bounce!

Starting from Atrani or Maiori, we will ride through the Tramonti Valley to reach Valico di Chiunzi, a viewpoint located 880 meters above sea level, offering breathtaking views of the Naples valley and Vesuvius Volcano. Along the way, we will stop near lemon and wine gardens, and ride through the beautiful Chestnut forest. We can even visit the sacred cemetery of Tramonti located at the mountain top.